I have worked with Jean for almost a year and am amazed at what she has been able to do to help me progress so rapidly. Jean is now a primary mentor in my life. I feel completely relaxed and safe with her. Her work is expansive and very precise at the same time. Jean is also fun and flexible, in tune with what I need, so knowledgeable!, and she has a unique way of staying right there, right in the moment evaluating what I need, and finding the critical balance of direct technical guidance, creative play, and gentle encouragement. It is a privilege working with Jean.    

Penny Cuninggim



I have been training with Jean Ida Hoffman for over one year.  Jean’s pilates skills, teaching style, and knowledge about the body are unparalleled.  When I first came to Jean I had sciatica and neck and shoulder problems, both of which are now much improved. Without thinking, I now hold correct posture and my core is stronger than ever.  Jean teaches a very precise pilates.  I now practice on my own occasionally and have greatly benefited from learning the movements with such precision.   

Dominique M. Simon-Levine, PhD



I was looking for a Pilates instructor grounded in Joe Pilates methods and ideas. Jean has a rare blend of classical and modern pilates training. Her “hands on” style was essential to forming the mind/body links that were key to awakening my unused and disconnected core muscles. Thanks Jean for all your help! 


Bill Lindsey


I’ve been taking Pilates for five years in total and a year and a half with Jean. Jean is a wonderful teacher, very thorough, patient and kind. I’ve been able to take both group mat classes and private instruction on the equipment with Jean. I find both types of Pilates instruction wonderful and Jean’s instruction for both is incredibly helpful and enjoyable. She has helped all of us in the group mat class to improve and pay great attention to fundamentals, and we always enjoy ourselves too and have a lot of fun. I would recommend Jean’s mat class or private instruction using the Pilates equipment to anyone. I find that Pilates for me helps relieve my muscle soreness and tightness. It also improves my energy a great deal, and makes me more efficient when doing my other pursuits such as cycling.


Susan May


I started Pilates because of lower back issues, which were resolved through core strengthening!  But the benefits of Jean’s class go beyond that–my posture and muscle tone both have improved, and I feel more in tune with my physical self. And the classes are fun!
Mary Bates



I participated in beginner mat classes and then added individual sessions with Jean using the Pilates equipment.  I appreciate her soft spoken style, her sense of humor and fun while teaching, and her ability to keenly observe and then respond with exercises to suit the particular needs of my body. In her clear and thoughtful instructions, Jean provides both a kinesthetic and a cognitive map that taken together make it easier to learn the basics of Pilates theory and movement. She is a knowledgeable, well trained and highly effective teacher who is genuinely enthused when I make progress.

Shoshana Zonderman