My Contact Information:
Email: jeanidahoffman@gmail.com
Phone: 413-626-6454

Like all studios now, Sun Studio is closed until further notice. We look forward to seeing you there when it’s possible.

However, I am happy to say I am teaching 2 Pilates Mat classes weekly on Zoom from my home studio to yours. They will meet:

Mondays and Wednesdays at noon-1:00

If you’ve never been on Zoom, no problem! I hadn’t been either before a few weeks ago. You will need to download the Zoom App to your device.

Then call or write to me (contact info here above and below). I will add you to my email list and the morning of the class I will send you an “invitation” with a link to My Zoom Room. It’s fun and easily transferable to change from live classes to online.

EQUIPMENT LESSONS BY APPOINTMENT: ( live private lessons suspended temporarily but also available through Zoom)

Please call or email to schedule
Email: jeanidahoffman@gmail.com
Phone: 413-626-6454

About Me

I came to The Method as a modern dancer and loved it immediately. I teach at Sun Studio for Pilates and Yoga  in Northampton, MA., both group mat classes and private or semi-private lessons using Pilates equipment. I also teach group mat classes at Smith College.

I am passionate about Pilates! As a lifelong mover and teacher I believe strongly that the Pilates Method can

  • help to empower people to reclaim their bodies after injury or inactivity
  • assist people to diminish pain, improve posture, and gain flexibility and strength
  • assist athletes or dancers to move more efficiently
  • help people to be more comfortable in daily life

My Certifications

Jean Ida Hoffman is a top pilates instructor in the Northampton, Massachusetts Pilates Studio Listings guide on FindMyPilates.com.

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