Group Mat Lessons


Like all studios now, Sun Studio is closed until further notice. We look forward to seeing you there when it’s possible.

However, I am happy to say I am teaching 2 Pilates Mat classes weekly on Zoom from my home studio to yours. They will meet:

Mondays and Wednesdays at noon-1:00

If you’ve never been on Zoom, no problem! I hadn’t been either before a few weeks ago. You will need to download the Zoom App to your device.

Then call or write to me (contact info here above and below). I will add you to my email list and the morning of the class I will send you an “invitation” with a link to My Zoom Room. It’s fun and easily transferable to change from live classes to online.

Temporarily Suspended:

Pilates mat lessons are a great (and affordable) way to experience the Pilates Method. Lessons are progressive and build upon what was previously learned.

Lessons are taught at Sun Studio, The Arts and Industry Building, Suite 245, 221 Pine St., Northampton, MA 01062.


Mat work is done on the mat in a variety of positions:

Supine (lying on the back)mat2






Prone (lying on the stomach)mat3






Side lyingmat4






Sitting upmat5





The advantage of the various positions is the ability to apply gravity in different ways in order to develop both strength and flexibility.


During class each person is encouraged to work at his/her own ability level. Modifications are also given as needed to accommodate individual injuries or other limitations.

Use of “props” at times such as therapy balls, elastic banding, and foam rolls can add a playful quality to class and also enhance the workout in specific ways.

As with the equipment work, the mat exercises include attention to detail and address all of the 6 Pilates principles:
Breathe, Precision, Control, Concentration, Flow, Centering

In mat class, you work hard and have fun in an environment that is both physically beautiful and emotionally safe.