Equipment Lessons

Many people come to Pilates for relief from back pain, whether lower back, neck or shoulder pain.

Using Pilates equipment, such as the barrels, can be extremely helpful in learning to lengthen and strengthen the spine, while simultaneously building abdominal strength to support the spine and improve posture.



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This powerful combination may help to eliminate or dramatically diminish many types of pain or discomfort.

Imagine! Through the practice of Pilates, you can proactively empower yourself to build core muscles from within and feel better as a result.

Private or semi-private lessons are usually (but not exclusively) taught on equipment much like that designed by Joe Pilates.

Price structure for equipment lessons per hour:

private: $65 per person per hour
semi-private: $35 per person per hour

Classes are taught at Sun Studio, The Arts and Industry Building, Suite 245, 221 Pine St., Northampton, MA 01062.

The equipment is quite ingenious in many ways.


It allows for a wide variety of body positions 


helping the body to work either with or against gravity
in ways that would not otherwise be possible.


Some of the equipment uses metal springs to create resistance.


The resistance can be kept very light, to allow increased proprioception
(awareness of the body’s position) or increased to build strength
in the various muscle groups.


Upon seeing the Pilates equipment for the first time, many people are struck by its resemblance to a torture chamber!


You will come to love it once you try it!